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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Like a previous user had said, the smoke gets so thick inside the restaurant that when you open the front door, you can see the smoke just flowing out. Makes it difficult to breathe/see sometimes.

    The music and bellydancer was good. I remember when Hookah bars would have belly dancers every Saturday night, and they stopped. So I love seeing them! Every Saturday night there's a DJ and dancing. A good place to relax and dance, but not necessarily to talk and discuss. It can be difficult to hear over the loud music. Maybe it's just me, but they should lower the volume of the music when the place is quite empty, and then when it gets fuller, they can make it louder. Most of the patrons that come in at 8 are not there to dance...(like our group).

    I will definitely be going back, maybe for a girls night out.
    I have not tried their hookah, I don't smoke.
    The drinks were okay, but they confused me. I ordered a Strawberry/Banana smoothie, and it didn't feel that cold when I was drinking it. The bottom of the drink was pink and the top was white...so I guessed the top would have banana flavor and the bottom have strawberry. But the white had no flavor at all. So rather than getting disgusted about the flavorless white goo, I decided to mix the two colors up and deal with it.

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    Solid place...The ventilation could be better as it can get pretty hazy/smoky in here when its decently busy.  People are nice, and its a pretty simple hookah bar as far as their servings.  However, I do feel like their hookah seems to get harsh quicker than most places.  They do let you purchase food from the kabob place next door which has good reviews on yelp.  

    Solid place with nothing special to stick out, but nothing really wrong either.

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    I have to say I enjoyed this place.  They are open until 5AM I think.  The staff was VERY nice and the hookah was clean and it didn't hurt my throat.  Reasonably priced, I think it was $11bucks.  Only draw back I didn't care for was the loud repetitive music.  I understand the theme, but I was TOO much.  I would definitely go back again.

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