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    Awesome food, great prices. Get pupusas and the appetizer sampler. ChicharrÅ┬Źn  is incredible.

    Not a bar but a small restaurant.

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    I do not know why Yelp! has this featured as a bar. I did not see any alcohol! Maybe is because I went here for breakfast. This is a very "I've seen it all before" place except for one thing which is what makes this place remarkable: Quesadillas.

    Not the mexican quesadillas but the sweet bread Salvadoran type of quesadillas. Holy barnacle are these good. They're even better if you have them with coffee or any hot beverage. But I'm going back to these in a minute. Let me recap the actual food:

    This place is perfect for large groups. All tables seat 4 people or more, they almost have no tables for less people and because the tables are so big, if it's just two of you it could be a little awkward. This place has Latin food ranging from tacos and tortas to pupusas from El Salvador and emapandas from Colombia. The food is average. I've had better burritos before.

    They have hard to find juices like maracuyya and cashew (maranon). They are very very tasty. However, if you are not used to trying these juices you should not attempt to drink one by yourself since your stomach will suffer, they are very heavy juices.

    The Quesadillas are AMAZING. I can't stress this enough.

    However, the reason this is 3 stars only is because there is literally no parking. You have to fight for a parking spot in the street. If you're lucky you will find one quickly and close by, if not... keep looking. This is specifically bad during winter time, I guess, with the snow and stuff. Also the decor is really really bland and boring. The menus are old. So as long as you have low expectations on these things I advise you to skip IHOP and give this place a try one day.

    Again, I don't know why Yelp has this place as a "bar"...

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