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    The show's are so much fun and the atmosphere is amazing. I love the elaborate costumes that people come up with just to attend the shows.

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    Come down and join the circus!  Queen City Cabaret brings Vaudevillian entertainment to modern day Cincinnati with sideshows, magicians, masquerades, music, dancing, and lots of whimsy.

    Queen City Cabaret hosts events quarterly at various locations throughout the tri-state. Past shows have been at Loveland Castle, MOTR Pub, and Southgate House

    Every Cabaret boasts a theme. Guests are encouraged to dress up in vibrant, eccentric costumes. It was a lot of fun digging out my Halloween accessories that had been packed away since fall. It's also a lot of fun to rummage through the closet and put together a suitable outfit for the theme without having to buy something new. Queen City Cabaret is fun for all adults...as long as you come dressed up!

    In addition to all of this, there were plenty of booths lining the perimeter of the ballroom: contests to enter, shopping, and places to mingle with the band and other acts. Of course, the liquor was flowing at the bar and there were plenty of tables and seats, as well as dance floor space.

    Queen City Cabaret is a new, unique night of entertainment that our beloved Cincinnati so desperately needs. If you love Vaudeville, Halloween, or just want to try something different, you must check out their next event!

    Price per person: $15.00

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