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    We were the only two in the store when we walked in. This place manages to have the rustic charm of an ancient country general store with a very clean little dining area. Most of the tables are at windows facing the lake.

    There were the typical vegetarian options- cheese pizza, PB&J, grilled cheese, and a veggie burger. I ordered the veggie burger with straight fries and my husband ordered the old fashioned hamburger with curly fries. Extra props for the fries option! The lady behind the counter was very friendly and took our order and cooked it up quickly.

    My burger was spectacular. Really one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had. The patty was great, the veggies were crisp and fresh. To my delight, on the top bun was a special sauce similar to tarter. To my surprise AND delight there were chopped grilled veggies underneath the patty- bell peppers and mushrooms.

    My husband reported that the hamburger was good, and both types of fries were just right. I also had a cup of coffee, which tasted fresh and was at that perfect midpoint between too weak and too strong.

    The mercantile itself offered a nice chance to stock up on basics. I appreciated their VERY clean restroom. And god bless their wireless Internet!!!

    This is the real deal- I could just imagine it packed with curmudgeonly anglers on a Saturday morning. It's truly a gem!

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    Can't say enough about Mom and her staff at the Quinault Merc. Sandwiches are fantastic and the breakfast was even better. We stayed 3 days at the Quinault Lodge across the street and fell in love with the place. I would walk across the street and order breakfast while the wife slept in and after a long day of hiking we would swing in and eat a sandwich. The conversations with Mom were great and interesting!!!

    I love these kind of places and Mom made me feel right at home. If you want something a little more fancy/expensive, walk the 100 yards across the street to the Quinault Lodge and eat in the Roosevelt Room. All us simple folk will be next door at the Merc chatting it up with Mom and her crew!

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    Free WiFi may I say more, plus decent food, and a bunch of convenience store items thrown in for good measure

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