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    The 1 star is for the waitress who was pleasant enough and the coke was cold.  The food quality is best explained by what was left in our baskets when we left the bar.  My cheeseburger was missing one bite and one onion ring.  My husband's hot wing basket was missing one as well.  His VERY, VERY hot wings consisted of over-cooked then flash-fried tiny wings with half a bottle of Frank's hot sauce dumped on them.  Needless to say, we were not impressed and will not be back.

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    The beer in Alaska is always amazing!  When Bud Light & Heineken is only in bottles and the local brew on tap, that's always a great sign!  Great beer isn't how many you can down in an evening, but the flavor & character that defines a brew.

    Beer here is Arctic cold, served in frosty mugs, so frickin' frosty, beer's foam starts to crystallize and ice over, like taping the surface of a glacier and getting Alaskan Amber.

    Their pizza here remains supreme.  Cornmeal dusted, hand tossed crust.  We ordered their special that had a bunch of different cheeses, probably caribou or reindeer sausage and roasted veggies.  

    It's been awhile, so the details are slipping.  Yes, it's a divey smoking bar, but worth the secondhand cancer for the stellar frosty beer and pizza.

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    Good food! the Quesadilla roll-ups are amazing!

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