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    I enjoyed our waitress, she was upbeat and fun. The food left a lot to be desired, it was overcooked, salty and it took forever. We were warned that there was a large party of 15 people whose order went in before ours, and normally I would understand, but the forewarning of a longer than average check time by our waitress and the fact that the restaurant was absolutely empty at 7:30 pm makes it hard to swallow. I need to clarify empty. It was 4 bar guest, my party of 2, and the party of 15. My total bill was $73 for 2 people, a little pricey I think for the quality. I will not dine here again.

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    idk what this used to be - but it is big and open and loud.  it kinda has a feel of an amusement casino. greeters at the front door.  ginormous tvs and projected sports on several screens.  it was a bit of sensorial overload.

    I was looking for live music.  I found some and don't even know why the have a stage there.  might as well play Pandora or from an ipod.  they were totally background music.  no one watched them.  there were at least three tv screens behind them - 10' high each - so even if I turned in their direction, id have been distracted by gerrit van badenhorst pulling a train with his teeth.

    I saw some bowling alleys.  a lot of staff shuttling drinks and food.  there was an arcade upstairs that I didn't explore.

    I don't really know what they were going for here - but it was like the ADD of get-togethers.  someone in a room going " oh!  and we could put a jello pit over there.... and full contact chess in that room ... and can we get more tvs in the bathrooms?"

    free wifi.  bonus.

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    We were looking to have a good time in the area...bowl,drink,eat,drink,drink,drink and found out pig pen was closed.  So we wandered over here.  

    Hands down, probably some of the worse wings I had in a long time.  You'd think, you are going to a sports bar you could atleast get the wings right?  

    The burger was nothing really to write home about either.  Over cooked too, which means they probably let it sit in the window or they can't get their temperatures right.  

    Ok......NYC Pizza?  Let's try it!  ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR......another miss.  Even the worse pizza in NYC is good, and this would never pass for nyc pizza.

    I always felt if servers/bartenders had time to talk to eachother and giggle, and I have an empty drink, they are not doing their job.  That's revenue sitting right there, and trying to get alcohol refills here is near impossible.  I think the staff just wants to flirt with eachother... :)

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