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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This is a rager bar...no doubt about it. Good music, fast drinks, dancing, and people getting wasted. I stop in sometimes on a Saturday night just grab a drink or two before I head to the Sands. Mostly college kids.

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    Tons of bartenders but they all seem to be not waiting on anyone and do not make eye contact so they do not have to serve you. When there are 4 bartenders and you can't keep up then you have a problem. The place was not full at 730pm but they couldn't seem to handle it. Overall the place is fun but some of the bartenders need to get off their high horse and get to work!

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    The food is good and it is a big step up from when it was Beer Belly's.  It is very loud in there.  I used to go there every Tuesday for Trivia hosted by the Hawk.  They changed the trivia format and the new style sucked.  Haven't been there since.

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