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    Walking past on a Sunday, heard the jazz and decided to try it. Great music. Really nice jazz, perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch. Tried the Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately the eggs were slightly under-cooked, and the hollandaise a little bland. My partner had the Corned-beef hash which was done well with onions in a juicy mash, not too salty either. The two eggs on top however suffered from the same malady as above.

    Waitresses were darling: very nice while still authentic (they liked you but you got the feeling they wouldn't care if you didn't like 'em back). Drip coffee only which I think is to their loss: who wouldn't enjoy a nice Sunday morning cappuccino while listening to great live jazz?

    Would certainly come back. Looking forward to visiting during an evening.

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    This is a review solely for the salsa and Latin nights on the weekend:

    So. Much. Fun. Here's why I love Ryle's salsa and swing nights on the weekends: there is no judgement from anyone. There are very few places in the city where people are doing organized dances and don't mind the slightly off beat two left feet baffoon bopping around them ( yeah, that's me. I'm proud of it.) Loud music, a happy DJ, and a room full of people who are there just to dance. Bachata, meringue, salsa, swing, with so many different styles of music and instructors willing to jump in and dance with you if your partner-less or just show you a few moves, there really are few other ways to just dance.

    While all the Latin nights are 18+ the crowd age ranges pretty much weekly from 20 - 50 year olds enjoying the music. The price at entry is between 10-15$ depending on the weekend night and while 15 seems a little pricey, most sessions include dance lessons before and a party till at least 1 am. Not a bad package deal.

    Bring your friends, take a date, go by yourself, whatever your preference it's definitely worth checking out Ryles on a weekend night.

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    First of all. Ryles is a great place for music; however, the services need to be improved since there is only one waitress and one bartender. Let me tell you what! There is only one waitress for over 100 people. How can this be done? It was one of the most ridiculous thing that I have ever experienced and only one bartender for over hundreds of people. Seriously! They need to hire more people. I returned at this place for the second time. Same thing over again. They did not have hushpuppies. They did not prepared at all. The bartender had an attitude problem so I got my money back. I would not recommend this place. The only thing is the music is great that is all! Nothing else is good! Bad management!

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