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    The acoustics and sound mixing are terrible. I went there to see Dwight Yoakum on July 3rd. You could not hear the vocals over the guitars and drums. I have seen Dwight at other venues and he puts on a great show, but the acoustics and sound mixing ruined the show. It was the same problem when I saw Steve Earle there a month ago and the sound was awful then, too. If you really want to see a particular performer I would recommend going elsewhere.

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    Unless you sit in the first few rows, don't bother with this place. The seating/view of the stage SUCKS!  You can't see a thing. I have no idea why they didn't put stadium type seating as in theaters. I'd much rather go to Musikfest Cafe or The State Theater!

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    The inside has a costco/BJ's feel with its industrial ceiling and exposed rafters & pipes, the floor is flat so don't get a seat in the back of the floor because you'll be peeking in between everybody's head (specifically if you're small), and there's a balcony in the back that is connected to the bar so you can enjoy your drink and watch the show without anyone blocking your view. I believe the side seats are the best if you're not willing to pay big bucks to sit in the front of the floor because you're slightly above the rest of the crowd and still not too far away since this is a medium sized venue. Another benefit of seeing a show here is that parking is free and you can try your chances at making your money back that you dropped on the concert in the casino! lol.

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