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    1st Reviewer saw no signs of food - I was there on a weekend afternoon and was served the BEST warm German potato salad I've ever had, plus a light and tangy cabbage slaw, PLUS a delicious bratwurst the length of which I've only previously seen in, I think, in the movie Young Frankenstein.....

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    Pretty cool European feel to a traditional pub. This is an octagon shaped log cabin that sits high on a hill on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway, closest to Wasilla. Talk about fusion. With Alaskana log decor they have every imaginable German and UK beer on tap! I saw Newcastle on tap as well as German beers I can't pronounce, but I could also see there were tons of varieties of Alaskan Distillery liquor - a local place brewing flavored vodkas including, kid you not, smoked salmon (not a popular one, not even in a Bloody Mary).

    Clientele seem to be regulars - everyone was on a first name basis when I stopped by on an early Tues. evening. All but the bartender were in the over 30 category. It seems they all had their own seats...nobody gave me the stink eye if I was sitting in the wrong place. Quickly the clientele went to "over 50". Nobody was rude but nobody was overly friendly (or friendly) either. Customers knew where the darts were & were perfectly comfortable dismantling a nearby hanging lamp to get to it. The view is spectacular. I'm glad I finally checked it out after about 15 years. On the way out I used the ladies restroom and laughed out loud to see it was a "two seater" - open the door and there are two toilets with a sink in between. Guess if you want to go to the bathroom with your friends, you can do that. LOL!!!

    I hear they have bratwurst and cook outs on the deck, but saw no signs of food. I think it's a weekend thing. I didn't even see popcorn. I think it's mainly just a bar but apparently a well-loved one.

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