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    Kinda mixed on this.  My friends and I were hunting for a Hookah Bar and this was the only place we could find.  Extremely ghetto and seedy compared to the really nice hookah lounges found on the West Coast.  

    - There is a time limit since the place is so small
    - The enforce 4 people to a hookah. So if you have a fifth friend who doesn't feel like smoking, they will make you buy a second hookah (for $25/pop)
    - No booze - only water, soda, and tea
    - They refused to serve tap water because they are cheap, and charge kind of a lot for bottled water.  Given that it's a very smoky lounge, you'll definitely need hydration.
    - You will be surrounded by dazed BU undergrads
    - 18% fixed gratuity
    - A spider sprinted across our table
    - Refused to take reservations and also refused to give time estimate to us when we called in advance, saying we "had to be there in person to put our names on the list"

    Overall fit our basic needs of finding a hookah lounge last minute in Boston.  Our flavors weren't too strong but the servers didn't seem to care too much when we commented.  Clearly VERY cheap management (that or they're really struggling to make money) based on the many restrictions/policies.

    In search of a nicer hookah lounge in Boston.....

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    I like that they don't rush you out. You can take all the time you need for your hookah without feeling like they want you to leave.
    Get there early enough on weekends though. If you show up after 10PM, you'll have a wait. We got there around 8 and were seated immediately but then soon after we heard people arriving and they were told there was a wait.
    Strawberry hookah is delish!

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    Honestly, I had a horrible experience.

    It was over an hour wait, we were seated at 1:15 and told the Hookah was being brought out promptly for "maximum hookah smoking time", yet we got it 25 minutes later.. giving us roughly 20 minutes to smoke..

    Then my buddy asked for a drink and an order of chips w/ salsa..and the server turned to be angrily and asked "do you want something to?" to which i replied "im all set for now Ill let you know If i need something."

    She gave me an even dirtier look and responded by saying "well i need to know now cause i wont get it for you later", so obviously this upset me and i responded by saying "ok then i dont want anything"

    the smoke was bad, never got milky, and once it was getting close to getting milky it got harsh. They did a bad job in maintenance for the hookah, and me along with my buddy were just getting frustrated since throughout the duration of our smoking session they kept reminding us about the time we had.

    By the time it hit 1:55 they were practically telling us every 10 seconds that we needed to leave, and at one point one of the ladies picked up the wind breaker and commanded everyone to go "TO THE DOOR, TO THE DOOR" like some kind of hookah-nazi or something. I honestly did not even want to pay, but im a gentleman, so not only did we pay, but we left tip.

    I dont think ill be returning to Sheesha lounge, maybe if they had an employee makeover.

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