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    Nice people but the shisha is nasty .....

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    This place is small, and you can only smoke outdoors because of the smoking law that was passed. These are the only flaws of this wonderful shisha lounge. Jason, the manager, is one of the coolest guys you could ever know. He is really friendly and befriends you.

    A fun, relax, and safe environment makes this the beat place to smoke hookah in Sterling.

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    Been here a few times and I agree with a lot of what the previous reviewer has posted. They do have a small patio area that is the only place I'll sit when I go here. Inside is madness with teenagers. I went here on a Thursday night and at 9pm the staff went around and checked IDs, they then proceeded to TIGHTLY place a wristband on everyone's right arm. You had to be 18 to continue hanging out. The service was terrible but luckily we were there to smoke and didn't need much attending. Had a group next to us outside who were barely over the 18 threshold and made our experience there a little less than enjoyable. They do have interesting shisha flavors so I suck it from time to time to smoke here.

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