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    I went into Siam Orchid after several referrals from friends and business associates, and I have to say, it didn't really live up to the hype. I'm going to comment on four things- ambiance, service, and food- appetizer and main course.
    Ambiance- the place seemed like a typical low-end asian food restaurant, nothing special, sort of shabby, nothing special or appealing. The table next to us was inhabited some rather loud, discourteous patrons who seemed to act loud and oafish for the sake of hearing their own voices, C.
    Service- our server acted like it was her first night working in a restaurant, she was very young, maybe 16, she acted a little like she'd never even been to a restaurant. We didn't get utensils, drink refills came back un-filled, menus left on the table, D.
    Appetizer- pot stickers, they were frozen out of a bag from Sam's club, F.
    Main Course- Pad Thai, good consistency, nicely seasoned, B.
    Overall, there is SO MUCH competition for Thai food in Cincinnati, I feel like there needs to be something special about it, and there isn't.

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    Yay for decent Thai food in Bellevue! Newport has plenty of American, greasy spoons and Italian restaurants, but I just really wanted some good Pad Thai this side of the river and Siam Orchard didn't disappoint. Next time I have a Thai craving, I will definitely come back here!

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    Yay! I'm really a fan!  Siam is fantastic for casual and delicious Thai.  I have been looking for a new "regular" place in NKY and have decided on Siam.  First off and most important - they're food is fantastic and flavorful!  I find their spicy scale just a bit hotter than other places in the area, but I think of that as a positive.  

    I really like the variety.  I do not think the menu is too extensive.  I think it makes sense.  You can get curry, traditional thai, sushi, chinese and more.  This is what I would expect from a restaurant like this and I love the variety because I can always change up what I want.

    The only thing that I found difficult is that none of the servers spoke english very well.  I get it - its an asian cuisine place and I love that its really that authentic, but I had to literally repeat everything our server asked/said to my father who just couldn't understand a single word.  And sometimes I honestly didn't have a clue what they were saying.  However - to their credit - the service is fantastic.  Everyone was extremely nice and polite and very quick.  I can't recall having a shorter wait for our food anywhere else.

    All in all - I really love the place and will definitely return many times.

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