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    The Karaoke was great.  

    But if you want water WITH your order it's going to cost you $2/bottle.  I think that's pretty bad business when most places will serve you tap water for FREE with your order.

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    First of all, do NOT trust what your iphone tells you on this place. Me, being idiotic, blindly followed the pin to the OPPOSITE side of highway 6, way far and totally not where Smiley's really is.

    My friend Nick is setting up a crawfish tent here, and his pre-opening was this past Thursday, so I came to check this place out.  It's definitely a interesting venue, kind of a mix of everything in one, and mighty spacious to boot.  I definitely recommend the crawfish, as it is, in my opinion, one of the best crawfish stands in Houston.  It has that homemade, genuine flavor that other places just don't match.

    I didn't have the chance to try any of the other food, as I was too busy chowing down on mudbugs.  Don't have much else to add, but if you're in the neighborhood, and looking for a place to relax, watch some sports, shoot some pool, and grab some grub, Smiley's is a decent option.

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    Totally weird when you are heading to a sports bar with your over  50 year old uncle. Its odd only because I am Chinese and we just don't do that!!!! LOL!!!

    So this pool hall/bar/nightclub is an interesting venue. Where can you find wings, burgers, and Vietnamese eggs rolls in the same place? Smiley's I answer.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to try any of the food but I am sure I will be heading again for another odd night with my uncle and will have to update this review.

    So the bar is spacious (very!!!) and the alcohol is really affordable. Between 9-10pm on Friday and Saturday's its 2 for 1 crown and down. NOW the question is "what does that mean?" I was told that anything below the cost of a Crown Royal is 2 for 1. Its a good deal only if you can figure out what is less then a Crown Royal. Good Luck!!!!

    On Friday's and Saturday's they also have a DJ and dance floor with strobing laser lights and disco ball. Although I consider breaking it down. I totally missed out on busting a move!!!! The highlight is the DJ is the Official Houston Rockets DJ.

    To say the least it was an interesting night. I recommend for an affordable short burb drive to check this place out. Its definitely got a local bar vibe and if I was into this scene it would be the place to hang.

    Great place to hang with friends but not on a date. Just my thought!!

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