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    Went to Sotto Santi for lunch yesterday.  They redid the restaurant a few months ago, and it's much nicer inside now.  Good selection of beers on tap and a nice bottle selection.  

    Pizza is $1.00 a slice, but frankly the plain neapolitan tastes like it's $1.00 a slice.  Good crust, but very light on the sauce.  However, they'll turn a plain slice into virtually any of their specialty pizzas and that's where the fun begins.  

    We've had the German pizza, the Bruschetta pizza and the Meat Lovers Pizza and all were just loaded with extra goodies.  However, the absolute best is their Buffalo Chicken pizza.  I've tried several buffalo chicken pizzas, but theirs is, hands-down, the one that I crave.  The hot sauce and blue cheese mixture is tangy and spicy enough to let you know it's there but without killing your palate.  The specialty slices are now up to $3.35 each, but they're worth it!

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    We were staying at a hotel in Bethlehem and wanted vegan pizza.  But we did not want to leave our comfy hotel room.  Enter Sotto Santi Pizzeria!

    We got a pizza loaded with vegan cheese and all their veggies, including any available peppers. We were delighted to find out they could make vegan garlic knots too and ordered some of those as well. We were technically outside of their delivery area.  We begged them to consider delivering anyway.  They agreed that they would.  We were thrilled!

    Even though we were farther away than usual, it did not take them any time at all to arrive.  The delivery guy was friendly.

    We were in vacation mode and sitting down for a night in front of the TV, so everything may have seemed more delicious than it actually was.  The toppings on the pizza were fresh and the cheese was melted (this can be an issue with vegan cheeses on occasion).  The crust was tasty but it did have trouble supporting the weight of our numerous toppings.  We didn't care--everything was still yummy.

    The garlic knots were tasty!  They came with what was supposed to be a marinara dipping sauce  The marina was thin and kind of watery, so we didn't really dip anything in it.  But the knots didn't need the sauce.

    I love the synergy of good food and good service.  Sotto Santi delivered a fabulous Sunday night in!

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    I have enjoyed their fresh, light, and delicious vegan pizza, which they told me they will have regularly from now on.  It seems to be made with Daiya.  More expensive but worth it, to save calories, cholesterol, and calves. Thanks much for offering this.

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