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    Was a good place to grab a drink late at night and see some WIP. Saw some real cool art. They also had some stuff for sale, I especially liked some of the jewelry. Oh well, RIP!

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    This place is quirky and extremely laid back. It is a refuge for artists, musicians, comedians, and anyone who just wants to relax and drink really good coffee or customized Italian Soda. If you can imagine an old mechanics garage converted into a haven for the left-brained... this would be it. You can buy art of all kinds or pay to share studio space there to create your own art. There is open-mic night, too. It is also worth mentioning, the bike trail is right behind this spot, so many bikers stop off here to enjoy a relaxing break. During the summer, the cafe is open air... as the garage door opens up and provides a wall in the winter or when its closed.

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