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    Best spot in Leesburg, hands down. Great staff, great service, drinks and food.

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    If you're into loud bars, greasy, unappealing food, and servers who all but molest you to get a tip out of you, then this is the place for you.  For me, I don't enjoy any of the above when looking for a meal.

    The food is atrocious.  The plate is a giant grease pit, and if that weren't bad enough, overall the food just doesn't taste good.  It's typical bar food fare over inflated in price.

    I'm all for friendly service from wait staff, but don't sit in my booth next to me like we're best friends.  That's a Hooter's tactic, and the women here are far from the women you'd find there - and mind you they aren't all that either.

    Noise wise - Well, let's just say that you can forget about having any conversations with you guests.  You'll never hear them over the loud live music and rowdy patrons coming through the very thin partition wall separating the dining area from the mosh pit of drunks.

    I'm actually kind of confused as to why there's even a restaurant in this place, because they're clearly not catering to people who want to enjoy a meal.  It's more so if you need to eat something quickly so that you can lower your blood alcohol level faster so that you can hopefully drive home without getting a DWI, or worse, killing someone.

    Classy people, heed my words and stay away.

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    First let me say I don't take time out of my busy schedule to write reviews so the fact that I am writing this should say a lot.
    I was in Leesburg on business and had a lot to do so I ordered over the phone and had the food delivered to my room. It arrived in under 30 minutes and was still nice and hot.
    I had the Caesar Salad with the flank steak. The salad was a bit skimpy but the steak was excellent and for the extra 3 dollars it was quit a bit. So 5 stars

    I had the shrimp with pasta and both were excellent and a hearty portion with a very reasonable price. 5 stars again.

    I saw a couple and only a couple of bad reviews and owning a business myself where I pride myself as being the best, I still get a couple here and there that will never be happy.

    Spanky's was 5 Stars all the way

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