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    Food was decent, ordered an old fashioned, was not asked what kind of liquor I wanted.  I had to ask what I was getting when it showed up.I figure if I am dropping ten bucks I should at least get a say. Also for a wine bar my date did not get stem ware with her sparkling wine. Not a huge deal but easy things to fix especially when you drop a couple bucks on dinner I expect good service.

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    A great addition to Davis Square, Spoke has a modern vibe and excellent atmosphere. The waitstaff are extremely knowledgeable about the dishes they serve, along with their wine selection.

    My friends and I had the pleasure of being waited on by one of the most friendly and attentive Sommeliers I've ever encountered. He gave suggestions to some dishes we should try, and what wine would pair with them without being pushy. He refilled our glasses when they were low without being invasive. He even treated us to some on the house Italian sparkling wine with the cured meat platter we ordered. To top it off, since we spent a good dime there, he also treated us to some of the in-house made fudge for desert (which is incredible). The food was very well prepared, plated, and delicious. The wine selective extensive but not overwhelming.

    I couldn't be more impressed with this tiny establishment. Keep doing what you're doing Spoke!

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    Best old fashioned in Davis Square. You'd think Saloon with their excellent whiskey selection would carry this title, but no. They make a good old fashioned, but not the best. At Spoke, they make it the way it was meant to be made. Their other cocktails are creative and delicious as well. Wine selection is good (as you would expect). The food is fantastic. The only downside is the cost of the food. It costs just a little too much for what you get. Our $22 pasta dish was super small and maybe could have passed for $18, but really should have been $16 max for that size. The prices just don't match up with either the atmosphere (nice but not $22 pasta dish nice), the quality, or the size. The meat plate that we got was pricey, but they definitely piled it on, so I feel like that was less overpriced. Basically: recommend for drinks, but maybe not for food.

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