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    Me personally, when I think of bowling alleys, I think of run down places with cheap pizza, cheap beer, a jukebox in the corner and TOO many black lights. But, being in Newport, KY, you get a high-end bowling alley with a dress code (which includes you not allowed to wear solid colored shirts...). If you're into that, then it's totally different.

    The place doesn't have as many lanes as most places do. It has 12, and the lanes are a lot smaller than most places or I'm just stupid.

    Yes, they have couches compared to those hard plastic places at most bowling alleys, but it's crammed. You have no room to stretch because of the table in between. There's maybe six inches between the edge of the couch and the edge of the table. No joke. I like my space.

    The cashier had a little attitude and I wanted to smack her. She looked at me like I was stupid when I asked if we could split our party of 6 into two lanes. She said that she couldn't because we didn't have 8. THERE WAS NOBODY THERE!

    The bartender was wearing fishnet tights and the shortest shorts I've ever seen, and a tank top... I was worried. Like, it's a high-end bowling alley, but they have trashy looking bar tenders you'd find in a cheap bowling alley. The only thing classy was her hair style.

    When we called and asked for the prices on bowling, they said it's $4.95 a game no matter how many people were there. I thought I was in heaven. We got there, it's $4.95 a person, PER game. So, you have five people, there's $25 right there. And that doesn't include $3 something shoe rentals, which are required of course. So, you're spending $40 starting off for a single game.

    Rather than have to go to a bar and get served, you have servers. They take your food and drink orders, yada yada. Ours was decent, though we only ordered drinks. He seemed a little annoyed because we didn't eat anything.

    They have Happy Hour here, too. Just saying.

    Overall, I won't come back. I don't recommend. I will stick to my cheap little bowling alleys.

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    When this place first opened , after seeing the scantily clad waitresses shivering on the patio, I promised I would never go inside. Last Thursday, I was invited there for trivia night. immediately, I regretted going back on my promise. After passing the dress code signs, we were greeted not once not twice but not at all. once we found our friends, we went to the bar and ordered nachos and cheese fries... the nachos were something I would expect from a bowling alley, they were extremely boring, so much so that I can't even remember what was on them. The cheese fries were great, if you like soft fries in flavorless cheese soup. Someone at our table ordered the sweet potato fries which were surprisingly good considering everything else was sub-par and over priced.
    Now I know what you are thinking... It's bowling alley food, what do you expect? Well, if you want to discount the idea that they imply they are a nicer bowling alley and even have a dress code on the weekends, that's fine with me. However, I will not discount the terrible service. We were asked, while standing at the bar, with empty glasses "Are you good?", not once, but twice, by two separate people.... the first guy didn't even bother to wait for our response, he literally answered his own question and turned around to continue his conversation. I was amazed, he might as well have just came out and said "I see you and I don't care if you need anything.. What was I saying Bro?". I was relieved when the second guy actually waited for an answer, then turned to the woman working with him as if he didn't understand English.... but at least he tried, right?
    Oh yeah, and the trivia sucked, but I don't think that is Star Lanes fault from what I understand Last Call Trivia is a company that can be hired to ask questions at your bar.
    There were other things like the dark alley I had to walk down to get to the dirty restrooms and the terrible beer selection, but that is just nit-picking. I will not be going back to Star Lanes.

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    5 stars for a bowling alley, you may ask?  Yes - this bowling alley was actually THAT nice.  I was blown away by how clean and spacious this bowling alley was.  It was more like an upscale bar than a typical bowling spot.  We went in during lunch time and they had a lunch and bowling special.  I did not try out the food but can attest to the bowling.

    Star Lanes played good music and was generally uncrowded.  We had a waitress who stopped by our table several times and made sure we were taken care of.  We had children bowling with us and the bumpers automatically popped up.  The price was right, also, with $11 per person for two games including shoes.  Awesome experience!

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