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    The food was good, but wasn't real timely.  Placed our order and waiting almost 20 minutes for sandwiches.  The place wasn't busy at all.  Good selection of food and the food was very yummy!

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    Beware! I tried to use a $30 Groupon with a $15 cash value and "Mo" (to the best of my knowledge) gave me a really hard time, might have even broken the Groupon terms.

    First, I'm a single person and I received this Groupon as a birthday gift. So, here's happy little me going to spend my birthday money. I have a single drink and some boneless wings. My total is just under $13.

    I go to pay with the Groupon and I'm told a manager has to come over and scan my Groupon. After he sees my bill he tells me I "need to drink more". I was confused. He told me I hadn't used the value of my Groupon. I asked if I could have the balance as a gift certificate or otherwise use it on another visit. I'm a single person who has to drive home.

    Then he tells me I have to use the whole thing on one visit. Ok, but I'm a single person who eats like a bird. I explained that the Groupon site says it has a "cash value" and that I can use that toward anything.

    I quote from <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.groupon.com%2Fpages%2Funiversal-fine-print&s=64212913909eaec40573515807c57f0a3ce5def193a006ae66ee3ac4cccc6c0c" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.groupon.com/p…</a>:
    "The amount paid WILL NEVER EXPIRE and must continue to be honored by the merchant after the promotional value expires. The amount paid may be applied toward any goods or services offered by the merchant if the original goods or services specified on the voucher are no longer available."

    The man would not let me use the $15 cash value toward my meal so I ended up forking over my debit card.

    As I was leaving, he decided to add that the Groupon also doesn't cover alcohol. So why did you tell me to "drink more"?

    I gave the Groupon to my folks with a warning. I will not be going back.

    Oh, and my food was "meh". The Long Island Iced Tea was a bit sour (mix?) and my boneless wings were completely average.

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    In search of Hang-over fare, my wife and I decided to try Starters for the first time this past Sunday.  Pulling into the parking lot around 1:00 and seeing less than a dozen cars was the first sign of things to come.

    Let's get down to it...out of the gate we ordered the wing special, Peach Habenero sauce.  I asked my man to make sure the wings were crispy and told him he could even put the sauce on the side (the habenaro being the wild card).  Another waiter/bus delivered the wings about 15 minutes later, slathered in sauce with a texture one could easily describe as "mushy".  Not only did the wings sit in the sauce too long, but they method in which they were cooked did not allow the fat to render out properly.  Nothing like chewing some chicken fat on a Sunday afternoon with a hang-over.  

    Next stop...burgers!  I did the English Pub Burger and my wife did a "special" burger.  We both asked for medium...we both got 'well' to 'extra well' done burgers.  Even the egg on my burger was cooked too long by about 3 minutes.  Really disappointing, to me the bench mark of a pub is it's wings and burgers, and Starters did not make the cut.  Plenty of other places in the area with better food.

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