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    My wife and I are self-proclaimed regulars here. since warmer weather has approached, we spend many weekend afternoons on the patio here. The food is great, I'm a big fan of all the different burgers (I love that the beef and pork are from local farms), my wife likes the salads (you won't find the dreaded iceberg lettuce here) and mahi mahi wrap. The draft beer selection is small, but there are always at least 2 crafts on, and the bottled beer selection is extensive and wonderful. There is always a draft beer special. Service is always on par. We usually have the same server, a blonde girl, who always makes us feel right at home. She sees us coming and has our usual beers ready for us! and is always attentive and friendly and knowledgeable regarding the menu. I highly recommend the steel pub, for the food, drinks, service and atmosphere.

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    Surprisingly good for being inside a ice rink facility. Full bar, good beer selection pretty good food menu. Friendly, casual service. I see some other people posted the service was unsatisfactory, I think it's just pretty laid back. Sometimes you might have to go up to the bartender to put in an order, that's just the kind of place it is.

    I would go back if i was nearby and wanted to grab a bite, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

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    Came here from Groupon purchase.  I should've googled it before buying.  Wasn't what I expected at all.  (my bad).  Food was ok.  Service was slow but I think that was from all the "Groupon last week to expire crowd", like us.

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