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    During Musikfest...

    Venue MUCH better than Sand Island. If you held up your thumb in the lawn at sand island, that's how big the performer was.

    Stadium seats for sections in the 200's.

    Good sound overall right off 3rd street and founders way. Parking available close up for $10.00. Worth it if it's raining.

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    The SteelStacks are beautiful, with beautiful lighting and tons to see, it is a destination you should not miss in Bethlehem.

    However, if you can, bring your own food/drink (for outside activities).  The food/bevs inside are terribly overpriced and not even good.  Ick.

    I think sometimes the LV forgets that it is in eastern PA and not in the UWS.

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    Beautiful venue with plenty to do!  Can't wait to return in the fall/winter.

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