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    Nothing special about Stonewalls, but nothing terrible either.  The ambiance is dark with the bar up a couple steps which is surrounded by tables and chairs in the rest of the restaurant. I had a late lunch/early dinner here which was a crab cake burger with fries.  The fries were a bit limp, but because the crab cake came with tartar sauce I dunked the fries in that, so before I knew it half my plate of fries were gone.  I'm a big fan of tartar sauce, and even though the tartar sauce was just average I had to hold myself back from eating the whole cup.  

    The crab cake was good, but I took the cake off the bun ...hey, if I'm going to fill up on carbs, I'd MUCH rather eat fries than a bun!  The crab cake was very soft so I imagine it would have been a mess trying to eat it in the bun.  But, since I was using a fork it was fine for me.

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    Darn good food here and I'm not a fan of hotel food.

    Wonderful fresh salad. The burger was fantastic, good quality meat, freshly ground and tender. Huge portions. If this place were much much closer to where I live, I would definitely come back. It's the sort of place you go when you want good quality basic American fare. The food isn't creative or artistic, but just plain mmm-mmm good comfort food.

    Oh yeah, you can also play Wii here. I got a big kick out of watching a bunch of suits drinking beer, being very focused and competitive about Wii bowling and totally ignoring the game that was on the screen.

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    Run away.  Save your money.  I usually avoid hotel restaurants and bars, but the company said eat here and we'll pay for it.  I feel bad now.  The menu is very limited.  Eating late, I skipped the adult beverages and had a Sprite - over $3!  The crab and spinach dip was good, but at over $13 it seemed like it should have come with more than corn chips.  I opted for the organic greens which came out looking like a microscopic salad drenched in balsamic dressing.  At nearly $9 I could have bought tem pounds of salad.

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