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    Perfectly decent little place.  There's not much parking, so if you've got a large party, see if you can carpool.  I've been to the UK, spent a lot of time there, actually, so my standards for pub grub are probably a bit higher than most area residents.  The atmosphere is about as good for a pub as a building not built 300 years ago can be.  As the other yelpers have mentioned, Stoney's has a great selection of UK beer, including lots that I haven't been able to find in the US.  

    The little box on the menu that holds the fish and chips offerings says that the breading is authentic chip shop breading and that the fish is fresh caught, flown in nightly.  I think that's a little funny, considering that A) we're talking about fried fish here, guys and B) those are really elaborate lengths to go to for mediocre fried fish.  Also, I don't remember there being a specific type of breading that chip shops have to use.  Anyway.  The fish and chips was nothing super special.  Chips were the thin kind with skins on, not the "steak fries" kind you'll see around a lot of London and York chip shops.

    Anyway.  I think I just got my hopes up a little too high with the reviews.  The beer selection is good, the waitstaff was attentive, the food is reasonable, just not what I expected from an, "authentic" place.  If you've never been to the UK, you'll have a fabulous time.  If you've been a few (or many) times, it's a nice little place.  

    Oh, and Kristian G? ;) An authentic pub wouldn't have *cold* beer.

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    As close as you can get to England with out crossing the pond!

    English food gets a bad wrap - I don't know why - how can you go wrong with Shepard"s Pie and Bangers?  

    Great beer and whiskey/scotch selection.

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    I went to this place because I was bored and wanted to try bangers and mash.  Got there, had a couple English style beers which were nice and ordered ''Toad in the Hole,'' which is two bangers in Yorkshire pudding, mash potatoes and peas.  I was disappointed.  The portion of mash potatoes was embarrassing, the bangers reminded me of larger versions of the sausage links at Bob Evans, Yorkshire pudding was meh, and peas are just peas.  I ate the whole thing but it was dry and bland and after looking at pictures of bangers and mash online, I don't think this measured up.  Also, there was a very loud older couple fighting about their relationship next to me, which made things awkward.  Bartender was nice, beer was decent (7 bucks for a Fuller's London Pride), soup was okay, and it seems like a good place to watch the soccer games.  Not worth the price though.  Apparently the fish and chips (also 14 bucks) are awesome, but fried fish doesn't do it for me.  Stray away from the bangers and mash.  I'd give it 2.5 stars, but I rounded down because I know I won't be going back.

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