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    The one star is based entirely on service -- we were ignored at the bar for over 10 minutes before we finally walked out (we were on our lunch break and didn't have time to waste).  The place was practically empty for lunch and the bartender definitely saw us...all he had to do was pour us a beer and we would have stayed. It's a shame too, since their food is pretty decent and they have a great tap selection.

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    Few places manage to get a keg of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. Even fewer manage to get TWO kegs. And when you order the 90 Minute IPA on the draft menu, this might be the ONLY place that calmly informs you "we kicked the 90 minute, but we have 120 minute. Is that ok?"

    Their chicken fingers are sliced pieces of chicken breast, dipped in a homemade batter, and deep fried. The batter is thick, like a quarter of an inch thick, and makes the chicken fingers look immense. Very unique. The fish and chips are similar.

    Smoke free environment. Open until 2am every night. Excellent draft and bottle selection. If you're not into craft and micro brews, they always have a $2 macro draft special. I'd come here every night if it wasn't on the other side of Allentown.

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    Just got back from Strange Brew Tavern. My second trip. Unfortunately, I'll have to say it was poor overall. First ordered wings, they were so dry and overcooked I could not bring myself to swallow the first bite. Spit it out and informed the waitress. No offer of replacement or removal from the bill. My wife had flavorless chicken penna vodka. I had over/undercooked fish and chips. That is to say the fish was overcooked and the chips were undercooked,  they were a cooked color but very cold. Another complaint with no action. I'm sure if the waitress had told the chef our complaints he would have done what any good chef would, fix it or remove it from the bill. Summary very unhappy and kind of expensive at that.  We are running out of good restaurants to go to in this area.

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