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    My god, this really is the worst bar in Clifton.  The men's bathroom is bigger, cleaner, and usually less full of ODed women, so if you're a female - keep that in mind.  Usually no TP in either.  The place is dirty, the tables are wobbly, and the clientele is sketchy.

    BUT MAN.  What a jukebox - hands down the best in the city.  And you can't beat the price for a pitcher of beer, I'm not sure they actually make money on it.  As a 21 year old with 5 bucks in my pocket and a weekend of nothing to do, I spent a lot of time in here talking politics before the ex punk rockers got too loud for me.  I really miss this place.

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    Worst bar in the city.

    Okay, you know I love it. I've actually only been to one other bar in Cincinnati that was legitimately worse than Sub Galley. This is the place that you stay cleaner when you DON'T wash your hands at the bathroom sink (squatting is recommended by the way). If you drink beer, do not, I repeat, do NOT get the draft unless you love spending your hangovers on your personal, porcelain throne. Your best bet would be to avoid this bar all together but if you DO go, go with a regular, a skinhead body guard, the biggest black man you can find or the worst attitude you can muster. Maybe that's blown a bit out of proportion but what I'm trying to get across is that this isn't a place of class or even your typical low brow dive. This is the last bar on earth, pull up a chair, find that you actually like the regulars (even if they often get you in way too much trouble) and please have a friend walk you to your car.

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