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    This is always my first choice out of the 3 hookah lounges I know of in Bethlehem. The service is faster than Hookah Turkah (for most things) and it is quieter as a whole than Essence. Yes, the music can get a little loud at times but after a song or two it quiets down.

    After ordering a decent chunk of the menu over a period of time, there are certain things to stay away from (the falafel for example) but others can be tasty, like the sandwiches. It takes a while for the food to come out though. They also have a $2 drink minimum but the selection is plentiful  (I recommend the hot tea with mint or their hazelnut coffee, YUM!)

    Another plus for me is the fact that smoking cigarettes is allowed inside. I'm not a huge hookah fan and being able to have a cigarette while my friends puff on their hookah is a big plus. The ventilation is adequate and so far I've never heard anyone take issue with it.

    The staff's attention can be difficult to get and I feel like there are new people every time I go but they're always friendly and knowledgable for the time they've put in working. There's one man who is always there, I'm unsure if he is the owner but we are always greeted with a warm welcome and friendly conversation.

    This is definitely my favorite under 21 hangout, as I'm 19 and have limited options. Always a nice place to relax and have a nice night with friends. Many flavors on the menu ranging from $10-15 and they can even do two different fruit hookahs! Definitely recommend!

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    hookah... tables... some low lights.... decent service.. and a simple place to chill....
    you've arrived at Sultana...
    pretty basic... we arrived on a Saturday night around 10... the place was full but not packed.....
    - I was a little disappointed when we went to order cocktails and as I asked what kind of gin they had... to my surprise... "we don't serve alcohol." ... was heard over the random top 40, hip hop mix playing in the background...
    definitely 21 and under crowd....
    -- one goes to a Hookah, to smoke sisha... so if that's your plan... stick to it and Sultana could be a winner for you...

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    My visit was around 6 on a Friday, and I am impressed by the ambiance and service. The staff is very responsive and the prices are reasonable. I would be happy to have this as a local establishment.  They would do well in a larger city but seem to have a good following here as well.  We went to another Hookah establishment after visiting here and I was immediately sorry, as the service and quality was much higher here.

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