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    Went last night to see Marshall Tucker Band.  We were very surprised to find out that there was no seating set up on the main floor, as pictured on the website.  Long story short, a very nice woman got us folding chairs, so we were able to stay.  Good sound in the room, and we were way in the back.  Beverages and food are available, and the staff is very professional and personable.  I am so happy to see a live music venue in our area!   My only suggestions are that they need a bigger bathroom, and more information on individual concerts on the website, if there is to be a seating change, or specifically if the concert is SRO.

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    Fun place! Went here last night with a buddy of mine for their inaugural Wednesday Open-Mic night, and boy it was a BLAST! A host of talented musicians showed up and the staff was really helpful when it came to setting up. I think this event is gonna continue for a LONG TIME!

    The venue itself has been renovated from a movie theater to an all out music venue, which I'm really digging and would have no problem getting my band out there to play an all out gig at!

    Also, if you get the chance, try the pizza! Pretty good for bar food! (which has just been approved to sell BEER!)

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    The last time I visited the Tally Ho it was because my kids dragged me to some PIXAR movie. Boy has it improved!
    The new owners have removed the wall separating the former two narrow theaters and created a really large concert venue. The vintage box office outside remains, were I picked up my Will Call tickets and was ID'ed by some large bouncers (very flattering. I'm 50). The concession area has been spruced up, although it is obvious they are still trying to figure out what concessions will work best.  I saw a chef from next door wandering around with a large square plate of fries and someone else with a plate of fried cheese sticks. Weird.

    The concert space is huge--still the tall movie theater draped walls and ceilings--and acoustics were very good. Half of the room is the same level as the entrance and consists of 8 or 9 pub tables and stools. There is a space just under the balcony area where bands can sell their wares.  The other half of the space is area in front of the stage 4 steps down and only has a couple of pub tables off to the side. The rest is wide open and spacious--so that people can pack in front of the stage. There is a large balcony area upstairs as well.

    We are Jam Band fans and were a little shocked and extremely excited to see the local paper advertise The Mantras. Tickets were $10!! The concert was excellent. The Tally Ho has obviously blown the bank on the sound and lights. The band took full advantage of the two large movie screens to display really cool video in mirror image to accompany the jams. As we left we commented that we had really stretched our $10.

    The people running the place were very nice and seemed eager to make the evening great. The crowd was a polite mix of ages. I'm rating 4 stars (although my evening was definitely 5 stars) because right now as they wait out the evil ABC process only wine is available. I am not a wine fan, and it was expensive although we bought a bunch of it because we are so, so eager to see this place succeed.
    The ladies room is still the original 2 stall tiny space it always has been and this could be a huge drawback when the place is full. Parking could also be an issue--the garage next door was almost full at 8:30 when we arrived and if this venue holds 6 or 800 people it will be problematic for people unfamiliar with Leesburg.

    There are plenty of nearby places to see acoustic music so I hope the Tally Ho continues to book exciting bands like The Mantras, whom I had previously never heard of.  Some serious blues would be nice, too. If I were the owner, I would skip the fries and mozzarella sticks and the whole 'restaurant next door' thing--you just don't have the table space to pull that off. Bring back the popcorn for nostalgia--maybe ramp it up with some gourmet varieties. Keep it simple and make it about the music.
    Thanks for a great evening!

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