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    Always a good time.

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    Ok, I come here frequently, so my comments are well founded and based upon a history that eclipses a one time visit.  It's Christmas eve, and I stopped for a cocktail with a friend.  While busy, the bar wasn't "slammed" .... So I was particularly disappointed that Gary, a long-time bartender, could not bring himself to look at ANY customers in the eye, acknowledge anyone's presence, nor say hello, please or thank you.  I regrettably anticipate this lack of professionalism - but choose to stop in for the historic beauty of the structure.  I was saddened by the fact that visiting couples on both sides of me did not receive any sense of warmth  that should be a standard of a Hotel with pedigree.  After reading the generally consistent reviews on Yelp, assembled over a few years - I see the mediocrity reported by patrons has not been addressed by management.  My question:  why?  I wish the ownership would pull their head out of their ass, fire this clueless curmudgeon of a bartender, and get the kind of charismatic professional bartender/raconteur that brings generations of regulars and travelers alike in, crating a sense at place/heritage.  Let's get on the ball guys, does anyone in management or ownership read other peoples honest reviews?  Look at what happened to the King George:  warning Will Robinson.

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    "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others".

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