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  • Takes Reservation
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Very friendly service, decent beer selection and great wines to select from.  They also have food (dinner specials), but we didn't eat.  Maybe next time, based on the service alone.

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    Taste has taste!  This place is a quirky melange of micro brews, wine, tapas, local art and baked goods. It worked for me. The layered flavors were prevalent throughout and best displayed in a curried sausage entree that unfortunately I had not ordered and only had a small taste of. The tapas I ordered and shared in were very good and the beverage selection was not to shabby! The owner is very friendly and interesting. I look forward to the next visit.

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    I like this place a lot. It's a great place to sit and chit chat over some tapas and also a great place to just eat lite or even to try different things. They have a menu that changes constantly, which shows how fresh their food is.

    I've seen this place for years but have never gotten the chance to visit it until a groupon came up for them. I went over there one night with a friend and we sat outside. The waitress was super nice to us and we all had lots of laughs.

    They serve all types of tapas that you can share with each other and also entree dishes. We made use of our groupon coupon and ended up getting all different types of tapas to try that night. Everything was pretty good!

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