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    The Tasting Room is a nice change of pace from the usual Town Center program- i.e., restaurants that turn into bar clubs after 8 or 9PM. Instead, what you get here is a genuine wine bar that is what it is every single hour it's open. It's a refreshing option, to be sure.

    There's really no way to list which wines you'll find on tap here from day to day, as they change nearly every day. And yes, I said on tap- you won't be served your vino via traditional bottle service, but from cool-looking taps that are arranged in two different "bars." You're given a charge card which you place in the machine when you select your vintage, which in turn keeps track of all your selections, adds them up, and you are then charged the resulting amount afterwards.

    It's a cool system, and is just another reason that makes this place fun to visit. There's also live music several nights a week, along with a nice little outdoor seating section which affords you a nice view of Reston Town Center's Library St.

    It's the perfect spot for an after dinner drink, or just a quick rest with friends. No matter what your purpose, stop by sometime soon and check it out for yourself.

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    Went with my husband, another couple and their two kids. We got a card with $20 to share for tasting. The machines to do the tastings were interesting, but then you miss out on information about the wines. The wine selection was a bit limited. I loved their Riesling, but did not enjoy any of the other reds. If we happened to be in Reston Town Center we might go back, but I wouldn't make a special trip just to go to the Tasting Room.

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    I don't know what happened to this place...the service just isn't what it used to be. Le sigh. I came here right around the time they first opened but after a couple of job changes and a move to Maryland I was far removed from this store (yes I realize they have a Chevy Chase location, I haven't patronized it yet). Anyway, now that my latest gig is across that thurr Potomac in NoVA and not too far way from the Reston Town Center I thought I'd pay the little wine bar a visit after 2 or so years. Hmm..maybe I shouldn't have done that. The band was too loud, some of the other patrons were more like drunken frat house revelers whose conversation was mind-numbing (yeah, they decided to come by our table...le sign again) and the service was...ok. I put in an order for a cheese plate, 40 mins later still no cheese plate. I hunted down a waitress, informed her of the time lapse, she apologizes profusely and brings me the cheese plate about 15 mins later. One hour for cheese on a plate? But they did remove it from my bill so...I guess fair's fair. Either way, I'll probably won't be back.

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