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    Went for lunch.

    Had HOT wings and side caesar salad.

    Wings were cooked right, but Hot sauce was not good.... it was like some weird pepper paste.  It wasn't spicy... but it was slathered on thick and not good.  I think it might have been like a chili garlic paste you would buy in an asian market.

    Caesar salad had way too much dressing which pretty much ruined it.

    Bartender was really nice and did a great job.

    Free soup at lunch time, the soup was actually good... had chicken noodle and it had a lot going on in it.  

    So.... I think I'll go back and have wings, but definitely not their hot wings.  Maybe I'll try their BBQ wings or a burger.

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    Food was good, but the customer service really needs to be worked on. We had the rudest & seemed to be most unexperienced waiter ever. Waited 15 minutes for drinks and probably another 20 mins before he took our order. He took the order of another customer who walked thru the door after me. Would not recommend!

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    Went here for lunch with a few friends, the hamburger was delicious. Wings are on point! I would recommend this place . They have a great liqour collections and the wall of beer is such a clever idea.

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