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    The food is delicious! Def one of my favorite hibachi restaurants in the area. I do agree with the fact that they still should still serve sushi, and have more cooks!

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    Part to of our Tombo experience. The first time we asked for hot sauce, and they were out... can happen so I did not mention it. This time still no hot sauce... NO HOT SAUCE!!!

    The place was packed with families and lots of kids... only 2 cooks.

    I went twice, and that was also the last time... There are better spots in Fairfield County, unless this Dragonfly steps up their game a notch or 2.

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    We went to Tombo for hibachi  lunch yesterday, despite the low rating because the two places we first tried were closed.  So we were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful meal we had.  Great sauces as someone else writes, but also nice salad,  delicious fried rice, shrimp, filet mignon, and chicken.  The service was competent and  friendly, the wine pour was good.
    The lunch  prices were reasonable.

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