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    Came here on a Saturday night for a bachelorette party. We weren't all that impressed.... They advertised that it was the destination for bachelorette parties.... however they also advertised a mechanical bull that they no longer have. We were going to book one of the bachelorette packages but the lady didn't call or e-mail us back until the day of. She ended up saying she would put our party on "the list" so we didn't have to pay a cover charge but it turned out there wasn't a cover charge anyway. The dance floor wasn't very big and was disgustingly sticky. The bar wasn't very crowded for a Saturday night, but the guys there were pretty creepy. A fight ended up breaking out and at least 5 people ended up getting arrested. After that, we lost our good mood and ended up just going back to the hotel. The only bright spot at that stop was it did seem like they had a large drink selection and the DJ was AWESOME! He played every song my friends and I requested - including Backstreet Boys and Enrique Iglesias!

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    Toros is a fun place for groups.    They have bowling on one side and bar with a mechanical bull.    

    Recenlty I went with a group after the Italian Festival - Their beer and food was cheaper than the festival.     We bowled and the loser had to ride the bull.    

    It was hilarious.    We had fun and those around had fun.    It was all around a good time.   I know it is much better later at night when the bachelor and bachelorette parties show up and the craziness ensues.

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    Ok, I know the mechanical bull makes it tempting, but here is my list of reasons why you should not bother with Toro (number five is a pretty graphic reason, please hide your kiddies' eyes):

    1) As with any of the bars on the Levee, you have to pay for parking.
    2) On top of the parking fee, there's a cover charge to get in.
    3) The staff is kind of rude, especially the guys, making snide comments and shoving you out of the way if you're blocking their view of some girl riding the bull.
    4) There are only two stalls in the women's bathroom -- not good when the place is packed.
    5) The guys running the mechanical bull are perverts.  When women take a ride, instead of making the bucking bronco buck (like they do for the guys), they make the bull shake and sputter so the poor ladies' butts are jiggling and their skirts are riding up higher than your grandpa's socks in the summertime.  Not only that, they take turns controlling the bull...and I could literally see the lust in their eyes as they thrust the joystick forward and back...like it was a sick extension of...themselves...
    6) The drinks? Meh.  Although the prices are pretty typical for a bar like this.
    7) No place to sit, unless you're on the patio.

    Suit yourself, I guess, but this place gets a giant two thumbs down from me.  I'll stick to my dive bars where I'll not be so blatantly harassed, thank you very much.

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