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    No smoking. Cheap pitchers. Great nachos. Looks a bit like a board room, but great for a few beers with friends to start the night.

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    The Pub is one of the cheapest places in town to get a pitcher. My standard go-to for Monday Night Football when it's that season, free nachos, raffles and the game projected on a screen make the experience. The Halloween party is insane, and live music on a regular basis gives it a great atmosphere. Unfortunately it isn't really a place you go with a dancing mindset, but occasionally if you hit it on a good night, the dancer in you won't be disappointed. I love this establishment and will continue to frequent until the day I leave Fairbanks.

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    Hail to thee, dear old Wood Center Pub!!!  Without your cheap wood paneling, cheesy nachos and wonderful selection of pitchers and reasonable prices, I never would've survived five years of a quality university education.  Many a night I have spent at your tables working furiously on a paper or battling pub trivia.  Your beautiful bartenders... your whacky comedy skits... your infamous Halloween parties... your epic battles of wit and wisdom during election season...  where else in the world could a rocket scientist, dumpster diver, SWAT team officer, army vet, sorority sister, transgendered researcher and a local journalist all sit down together for a pint and get along in happy harmony?   Go there, you must.  Drink there, you will.  Yoda deems it so.

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