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    Great wines and decent food.  Was a little let down with one of their "Signature" dishes based on the portion (got a full, which was 5 crostinis with a grab mixture if I recall correctly) and the flavor.  Being from the north east, it was definitely something I could have made, and unfortunately, probably could have made it a bit better.

    Back to the wines- great wines, they sell by the glass and bottle, and have boxes to pack bottles for purchase which I thought was a great feature!

    All in all I give it a 4/5 based on the atmosphere (while in the middle of the terminal, literally, it doesn't feel like it at all) and the wine was great.

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    After stumbling around the airport after my flight had been cancelled I stumbled into this wine bar
    I sat down and was given the run through of how things work. At first I felt that they didn't really care for my custom as I am younger than their usual clientele but after I lied and said I was a professional golf and returning back to play the US open they quickly changed and became very helpful and welcoming.
    The wines that the serve are from all over the world. I chose the world reds flights in which all of my three tasting was very good so I decided to have a glad of the Spanish red that I tasted (I forget the name)
    In all it was a very nice experience mingling with business class types and pretending I was one
    Just wish the staff were a little more friendly to us economy class types.

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    I'm a total fan, and regularly plan to get to the airport early to enjoy a glass of fine wine! None of the KJ/Alamos plonk but a wide spectrum of nice wines from around the world. I like to go here to sample wines not always available by the glass at other establishments and find the staff knowledgeable and eager to assist. Everything from Amon Ra (high end Aussie) to obscure WA to other interesting geos.

    Food is okay too, but it serves only as an accompaniment to the wine!

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