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    Tried it again at the suggestion of a friend, much nicer the second time.

    Pauline is awesome!

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    The wine prices are about normal for what you will find in the DC area.  It's the selection of wine is what draws me in.  And the live music just makes you stay.  I have once walked in and there was a true party going. I mean party, like, people Wobbling and grinding on each other.  It might sound raunchy, but this really is a cool spot to hang out.  

    Any business that focuses around wine is sure to be a hit in Loudoun County.  My major drawback is the fact that they won't open a new bottle of wine if it's too close to closing. I once wanted to try a red and the wine-tender wouldn't open it.  It upset me, a little, but I was able to find another wine that made me happy again.

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    Ive read other reviews on this place. So iu decided to see for my self. Yes the food selection is poor, but you may bring your own food. All the staff was very freindly. We hadf a great time. The live music on friday night was fun myh whole family came all 9 of us including the children. Overall a great addition to the Brambleton Plaza. I belive the bad reviews i have seen were just rich snobby NOVA a## Holes..

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