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    I'm not a fan of covers. But I paid the $10 to get in here. It's not that I am cheap...I just want a return on my investment...and I only make investments on things when I know the return will be worth it....and um....yeah.

    So they flaunt this insane dress code, but all of us got in...some of us had on buttons ups...others a hoodie. So, don't be scared to show up here after a paintball match or something.

    The DJ was sick and the club itself looked nice...but no one really danced and there were a lot of dead spots throughout the place...the spots where people were dancing.

    I really wish i could remember the DJs name.


    There we go...I googled: vision bar dj she.

    And it came up...she was sick.

    I wouldn't come back here FYI....I think it's cool that you can come across young AND old people here though...i just wish everyone would dance.

    And that they wouldn't let that spotlight roam about so freely.

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    Nice place. Strict dress code... Nice grown and sexy scene, I can't comment on the drinks (I don't drink) But as a non drinker i still had a great time. Local DJ and guest deejays keep you feeling the noise!

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