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    The one star is for the rude and terrible service Not the entertainment. I walked in with a few friends, we proceed to order drinks, the waitress hands us a post it note to write down what we want to drink!! Yes this really happened. I thought to myself Is this chick for real? She comes back with the drinks and tells us to "Pay Now!" i said excuse me we would like to start a tab, we will be here for awhile and would like a few more cocktails. To my surprise, she said "No pay now!" This is where i get up and say where is the owner. My girlfriend happens to know the owner, she goes over to explain what happened, he said sorry and all was forgiven. However, about 25 mins later, at almost 1am on a Saturday, the lights come on and the same owner goes over to the table next to mine and tells the couple who were enjoying their drinks to "Get up & move to the bar!" Then he was making his way down the line to tell everyone to get up from their seats so that he could start stacking up the chairs onto the tables. This is just awful on so many levels. I really love the artists that play there but with such terrible customer service I do not want to spend any $ there. I have heard from other friends of mine about their bad experiences there as well.

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    I went here a few weeks ago to watch my friends band perform. It's a little hole in the wall place, incredibly tiny, but I immediately loved the feel and that it's a jazz place. However, that quickly changed upon walking through the door and pretty much being verbally assaulted by the female bartender. She instructed us to give our IDs to some guy near the door who had never even bothered to stand up or make himself known as we walked right past him.

    Then, as we're sitting down and starting to enjoy the music, the bartender comes over to our table and asks what we want to drink. We all try to order water and she states that you have to buy a drink. Fine. We all order a soda. She brings out these tiny little cups of soda and tells all of us "5 dollars and tip" I hand her my card and she says it's a 10 dollar minimum. Okay....? So I end up paying for all the drinks on my card because no one has cash, and she hovers over me like a hawk waiting to see how much I tipped her. I gave her a small tip and she was on her way...but let me tell you, my ginger ale was not worth the $6 I spent on it. I don't ever plan on coming back here because of how rude that woman was. It's called customer service, have you ever heard of it?

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    I came here with a few friends after dinner. We happened to step in right between bands and ended up having to drink our drinks and leave before the first band finished their first song. The price was pretty steep ($10+ per mixed drink) and the bar tender wasn't the friendliest.

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