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    i with my wife has tested their fast food and their atmosphere is very recommended or their serve style is unique.........

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    Like the other reviewers I don't think I would normally even waste my time on reviewing a fast food chain, but this Wendy's is awesome. I have never been here (since the reopening) without noticing how friendly (and sincere) everyone working here is. Super friendly staff and excellent service - sort of sad how very out of place this seems in comparison to some of our other fast food options in the area.

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    I don't think I've written a review for a chain yet, but on this bright, sunny 70 degree day in February, I can't help but feel that this particular Wendy's chain needs a shout out.  The service is just incredible--the folks at the register never fail to greet you, to smile, to banter small talk.  And it feels genuine.  Sorry to say, I'm not used to it from a fast food place, so the first time I came in here a few years back I felt...weird.  And then I felt happy!  I've been coming back ever since.  I've never had an order incorrect, I've never entered the door or left without a greeting or a goodbye--not sure who the franchisee/owner is of this particular Wendy's, but they should be proud of their staff and management and hope they show them appreciation.

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