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    We LOVE Western Bowl.

    Great lanes, cheap beer, good ol' fashioned bowling alley snack bar food. Attached to one of my favorite mexican restaurants. Can't really beat it. There are specials on different nights of the week so check out the website for the best night for you to go. I know one night of the week they have all you can bowl for a set price.

    They also have electronic scoring. That helps!

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    Growing up on the westside, Western Bowl was the place to be for bowling and for teenage fun on a Saturday night for glow bowling and a great hang out.

    The Hoinke family owned Western Bowl for years, and recently sold it in the past few years before they sold it Western Bowl was known for the Hoinke Classic bringing in some of the best regional bowlers and the prize was around 15K for the winner.

    Another great thing about Western Bowl, the staff are so friendly and remember the shoe size and everything. Plus they serve Bud Lights in bowling pin shaped bottles.

    The new ownership has done a great job with fresh paint and remodeling the inside.

    For a fun time on the Westside I recommend Western Bowl.

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    Wanna go Bowling? Sure there is Star Lanes in Newport that offers you "luxury bowling" with the wait staff and fancy couches. What I mean though is, Wanna go BOWLING. I'm talking old school bowling. 90's computer scorers, $6 dollar pitchers of beer, the smell of a once smoke friendly facility. Ahhhh, its great!!!

    If I remember correctly they have around 70 lanes. Thass'a what I'm talkin' bout. Not only does this insure your going to get to play almost anytime you go, but it also gives you some space between you and the other groups on the slower nights, giving you perfectly adequate room for you to throw that gutter ball 7 times in a row or use the bumpers without others laughing at you. No shame using the bumpers people.

    Sure, it isn't as classy as Star Lanes, but what it is, is cheap. $3 games and specials every night including $1.25 on Sundays. Not only are their games cheap but the food and drink are cheap including a pretty large food menu. I was actually very very surprised with the quality of the (bowling alley) burger. It had to be cooked on one of those grills that hasn't been washed in 10 years, but ya know what? I don't give damn, that's exactly what I want when I'm bowlin. Greasy burgers, cheap beer (6.00 pitchers) and tons of fun. The menu is actually pretty extensive, not with the wait staff like Star Lanes but honestly, in all seriousness, the food is better. I'm not just saying that either, I really believe it.

    One of me and my friends favorite things to do when we plan to go bowling here is to first pay a visit to the outstanding Mexican restaurant connected to the alley. It's called Cancun Mexican food (or something along those lines, I never do remember the name for some reason). Regardless of the name it is excellent Mexican food with outstanding margaritas. Nothing better than starting a night of bowling with a few pitchers of margaritas and a bowl full of spicy delicious queso dip.

    At the end of the day, if your willing to take a short drive, as opposed to a shorter drive to Star Lanes, you surly won't be disappointed with Western Bowl. And and even if you are, you'll be out what, 10 bucks? Give me your address, I'll re-emberse you for it. I offer this deal because I know you'll love it as much as I do and I know you won't want your money back n

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