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    Love this bar. There is a distressed deer on the wall and a ghost wolf guarding the door. They serve free cheese puffs. Had a heap of fun!

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    Carl and Diane have quickly established their bar as a bonafide Douglas staple- and thank goodness they did! (Remember "the Oasis"? Do you want to?)
    They are good company, considerate and fun. I've seen raucous parties and I've also seen just a great place to hang out and chill with your friends. (Though, be warned, group seating is very limited.)
    The beer selection is fantastic and they are the ONLY bar to put great stuff on tap!!! So refreshing to finally have someone in town who is interested in trying new beers and circulating them out (not that New Belgium is all that risky a choice but at least its GOOD!)
    Carl has an extensive collection of bar memorabilia which makes for a really fun ambiance. He'll light the fireplace in the winter, and is constantly playing with things and switching them out.
    The jukebox is pretty good but the other bar-goers don't seem too thrilled when people try to dance. (Especially if they're trying to play darts or pool, which can be pretty serious business around here.) I also appreciate the effort to revitalize the exterior/storefront. What an awesome addition to our town!
    You'll find us there almost every weekend.

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    The White Wolf has it all--hundreds of beers, an "Around the World" beer tour, dead animals all over the walls, all the gimmicky knick knacks you could dream of, and a clientèle that is sometimes more entertaining than the jukebox!

    The owners/bar tenders are very nice, and they make sure to keep the riffraff and would-be-fighters at bay. The atmosphere is excellent for the area (though it is often quite smoky). They have an Internet Jukebox, a shuffleboard table, two pool tables, dart boards, and a foosball table. There is a limited menu (pizza, pretzels, etc), and the bar tenders always keep the complimentary bar snacks FULL!

    With enough gadgets, antiques, and odd collectibles to fill an auditorium, it doesn't get much more one-of-a-kind than the White Wolf Saloon. If you're a local or just passing through, its definitely a Must-See-Douglas experience!

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