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    Willard's is an incredibly friendly polace. A place where they make an effort to know you, and if you drink enough there, they keep a mug with your name engraved on it under the counter, just waiting for you to stop on in for a pint. With a rotating selection of beers (including some gluten free options for those of us who watch out for that sort of thing) it's a lovely little place! True, it's a bit small, but it gives it more of a homey atmosphere rather than making it feel cramped. During certain hours, it's nigh impossible to hear those you're there with, but you can just add to the din by shouting too... No one really seems to mind! And if you can't pick a drink from their massive selection, there's always the option of letting chance choose for you! And definitely go to the once a month keep the pint night!

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    Spin the Wheel if you can't decide.

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    Love this place! Best selection of craft beers in the area. Plus, they have a punch card, where every time you complete the card (40 beers, 40 punches) you win something.

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