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    My friend and I were there on Saturday July 13th 1pm.  Sat outside, nice tents.  few patrons.  It took way too long for the waitress to even appear, as in over 5 minutes.  Meanwhile a few other patrons showed up outside.  We placed our order for their 1lb of bacon BLT based on the bacon being cooked on the griddle not deep fried.  She assured us it was.  When it came out both sandwhiches were tiny, the bread was rock hard toast, the lettuce was banged up and had dark spots, the tomato was cut an inch thick to make up for what was clearly not a 1lb of bacon, and the bacon was deep fried into little rocks.  When questioned, the waitress proceeded to sit down (uninvited) at our table and tell us how she is "scared of the kitchen."  "I'm like scared to go down there, no one speaks the same language and all they do is yell at each other."  We asked her to please re check about the bacon being deep fried or cooked on the griddle....she returned and said it was deep fried.  The side of "homemade" potato chips were burnt and tasted off, as though they had been out exposed to air and cigar smoke uncovered.  One of the sandwiches which was not touched was sent back, the other which I partially ate to give it a fair judgement was not sent back.  It was a total waste of a lunch out in a semi nice location.

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    I'm not a cigar-smoker, but I am a burger-eater and beer-drinker, as is my boyfriend.

    So, we went to The Wooden Match for dinner on a nice summer Monday. We sat outside, where the smoke was not as concentrated (but still inescapable).

    The food and drink didn't disappoint. They had 10-15 craft beers on tap -- I had a Southern Tier Phin & Matts Extraordinary Ale -- and more in bottles.

    The salad we ordered had fresh mixed greens and a few other veggies. The 10-ounce burger -- which was large, but not excessively so -- was more medium-well than the requested medium, but still juicy and enjoyable.

    So, the ambiance...

    I had checked out the restaurant's website before we went, and thought, "This place looks pretty classy. Look at the nice font they use in their logo!"

    And yes, the space is nice. There's plenty of outdoor seating, with some tables under tents and some under umbrellas. The building itself is old-timey and well-maintained, and the bar inside looked the same way.

    But any restaurant that requires its female waitstaff to wear teeny plaid skirts automatically forfeits its classy points. Same goes for any restaurant that names a Cuban sandwich the "Gitmo Git'some, Son." Same goes for any restaurant that plays "Let's Get Retarded" by The Black Eyed Peas during its dinner service on a Monday. (Or at any time, really.)

    The Wooden Match did all these things. In fact, multiple Black Eyed Peas songs played during our dinner.

    We did enjoy eavesdropping on a table of cigar-smoking dudes -- the most aggressive dressed in a dingy white T-shirt and basketball shorts -- trying to hit on the waitress.

    Hey, Vlad: If you're reading this, maybe you'll have better luck if you wear grown-up clothes the next time you hit the town.

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    I didn't eat here...just reviewing on the bar itself. Was pretty nice...loved the cigar feel to it. Lots of old dark wood but restored nicely. I had a few cigars and drinks with a buddy and it was a good time. I will return.

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