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    Wxyz is located in the lobby of the Aloft hotel, but it definitely doesn't feel like a hotel bar.  It's a great choice for an after dinner drink if you're leaving any of the wonderful restaurants in Homewood.  It's design is fresh, modern and trendy.  You can grab a seat at the bar and talk with one of the exceptionally nice bartenders or opt for the comfortable, lounge-worthy and more intimate seating that's all around.  If you need the fresh air (as long as there's no smokers), there's additional tables and chairs in the courtyard.

    It's a full bar with some interesting signature cocktails and even the local brews.  WooHoo! Good People!! They set out wasabi almonds to munch on with your drinks.  I love the spicy, but I've never been a fan of wasabi peas, so I refrained.  I really enjoyed watching my friends enjoy and suffer through them.  

    Both times I've been, the small courtyard area had a few groups enjoying a game of cornhole.   I love the idea of people being strangers from different places and being brought together.  A hotel is a perfect place for that, but you don't see it happening much.

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    Since I live in Birmingham, I never saw myself going to a hotel bar in town.  Luckily, I had a friend in town that was staying at Aloft and it only made sense for us to meet up in the lobby.  

    It was a Sunday night, so there wasn't a big crowd (just how I like it).  Moments after sitting down, the bartender came over to our couch area and took our order.  The drinks were served quickly and made well.  The area we were sitting was very comfortable and accommodated a decent size group.

    A few hotel patrons sat nearby and we ended up talking.  It was a neat experience to chat with folks from around the country, while sitting in my home town.  

    I won't rule this bar out any longer.  In fact, it will be near the top of my list.

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