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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I thought I'd add my voice to the mix even though there are already a ton of good reviews.  This place is delicious and the people who work there are friendly.  I generally order delivery (I am so excited to have found a good sushi place that delivers).  Try the rolls with brown rice -- they are still delicious and a bit healthier than white rice sushi.  The Cherry Blossom and Supreme Tuna rolls are great.  This is definitely on my regular dinner rotation!

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    This place is one I keep going to again and again...even for take-out or delivery!  Depending on where you choose to sit, this place can be casual, business to romantic.  Personally, I love being at the sushi bar because the sushi chefs are not only incredibly informative and will make that dish you love but they may bring out that wild side of you where you try a dish you said you never would eat!

    I love this place and believe that Yamazato satisfies my longings for good sushi just as well as the highest rated sushi restaurants in D.C., which makes this place even more incredible.  I'm proud it's down the street from me and that it has been consistently good and affordable.

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    Pretty amazing. Their sashimi is fresh, sushi special rolls are pretty delicious, and they have allot of choices on the menu. I love the variety and the uniqueness of the special rolls, too. They also offer brown rice,  which is unfortunately still rare in a lot of the sushi community.

    Definitely a good spot to get some decent priced sushi and sashimi. The atmosphere is nice and bar-like, but the big booths make it comfy. The decor is interesting and modern-feel. Their hours are a little longer than the traditional lunch hours so that helped.

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