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  • Has TV
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    true to the listing, this is a dive bar. the bartender poured the largest double of whiskey I've ever encountered. this combined with greasy yet delicious pizza (made vegan on request) made for an enjoyable lunch indeed.

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    Definitely a dive bar,  no credit cards excepted so bring only cash and a smile!
    Find trendy music atmosphere. Great place to go if you don't want all the drama

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    Definitely my new favourite bar. I ended up there a couple nights ago when Tally Ho had about four sororities taking over the joint, along with a private party in the pool table room. I was worried at first, but once we got here and shoved some tables together it was heaven.

    The drinks are super cheap, super delicious, and everything I got had a lot of booze in it. I'm not a beer aficionado, however, so I'm not sure how they fair in that department... but my companions seemed satisfied with the pitchers they bought.

    The night menu is amazingly cheap, and amazingly yummy. Wings, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Fingers, oh god. It's delightful. Almost nothing over five bucks.

    The juke box is super rad as well. Not once did I have that sinking feeling in my stomach when somebody walked up to the jukebox, fearing they'd play something horrible. Every single song that played was rad because the juke box simply doesn't have crap in it. This will be our go-to bar from now on, definitely.

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