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    Latin night at Zaaza: A great time and place to meet your local rift-raft gang members, fast food drive through attendants, and office building cleaning crew all in one spot at the same time.  The lowest common denominator here that unites all patrons is the non-ability to speak English.  Park away from the front if you want to dodge the police cars (that are waiting outside when the venue closes) from tailing you on your way home.

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    I just recently moved to Ashburn from California and I understand that there's not much around here. I was pretty excited when i found something through yelp and gathered a few girls to check it out on Thursday night. We went there right after class at 7:30pm and nobody was there but that made sense since we were there a tad bit early. So we grabbed some dinner nearby and came back at 10:30pm. Its "college night," a live dJ, interesting decor, but there was only a handful of people and an empty dance floor. We quickly decided to go somewhere else instead. I was so disappointed. What is there to do around here?!

    Maybe we'll try it again on a different night since there's not much options around here.

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    Best club west of Arlington :) friendly staff and great service.

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