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    I've tried to go to Zo on 2 separate occasions, but never finally had the chance to check it out until this weekend. The 1st time I tried to go, it didn't work out because the parking lot was literally so full I could not even find one single spot left, which seemed like a good sign for the future. The 2nd time I tried, I arrived around 9:00 and there was a sign on the door that says "We are closed, will be back at 9:30", which seemed kind of weird and I wasn't in the mood to wait around.

    So finally last night I went, there was a $5 cover charge at the door for everybody which was fine. Inside, there is a pretty decent size dance floor along with high top tables and booths lining the walls and the bar is in the middle. We arrived around 10:30 or 11 and it got busier and busier by the  minute. The bartender was friendly and served us quickly, drink prices were pretty reasonable ( and this was made even better by the fact that I had a $15 for $30 living social deal). The music was a mix of old school throw back as well as current top 40 songs.

    There was truly a wide age range of people here, seemed to me like there were many people ranging from 30s all the way up to people in their 60s and 70s on the dance floor. My friends and I, who are in our mid 20s, felt a little bit out of place but it wasn't a big deal at all. We stayed for 2 drinks and did some "people watching" before heading to another spot.

    Overall it was fun, good music and nicely decorated, but certainly caters to more of a "middle aged" crowd than the average nightclub would.

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    This place is worth a visit, especially if you are wanting to dance and not just hang out at a bar for the night. Some friends and I were here on a Saturday night and the music seemed to be old school, which was fun. There is a small outside patio for smoking and staff was really friendly. It wasn't very busy when we were there but the atmosphere was nice and you had the typical club crowd. The have a couple of different bars in separate areas and several high top tables and a dance floor.  There was a modest cover charge and drink prices were fine.

    FYI: When we showed up around 12:30, there were cops towing cars that had parked in the grass and not on the gravel. (The bouncer asked us when we got there where we parked and filled us in.) When we left around 2am, cops had people pulled over in the parking lot doing sobriety tests. I'm not sure if this is typical of this place, but do yourself a favor and have a true DD, or just take a cab.

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