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    Horrible I watched the bartenders be extremely disrespectful & rude to so many customers who come in just wanting to enjoy a drink or 2. They will completely ignore customers to play on their phones or to take a guy in the bathroom for 20 minutes not caring what is going on in the bar. I dont know what they are doing but they should do it on their own time, not while working. Last time i went the bartender stood behind the bar getting her own drunk on flashing her pussy while customers weren't being served. They will rip you off if they think they can get away with it. This place is mostly known for dirty glasses, watered down liquor, drugs, prostitute staff & shitty service. Everytime I've been forced to meet somebody here its always had some sort of drama with the owner/bartenders & customers. Not a place you can relax or have fun.

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    I would give this place ZERO stars if I could. I advise that NO ONE ever goes to this bar unless you want a rude, drunk, inappropriately dressed, incapable, neglect bartender/owner. The $1 Apple pie shots are watered down. You would have to buy the entire liter in order to get a buzz. The owner/bartender of the place is extremely rude. She drinks while bartending. In the hour I was there, I personally saw her take five shots. Then one friend ordered 6 shots for the side of the bar We were sitting at. The bartender/owner/Gina counted herself as part of the 6 instead of the person it was intended for. She then charged my friend $9 when the shots were $1 each. I was there with two friends for my birthday, a couple (who I knew before) bought all three of us shots. Gina put the shots down, I noticed my shot was very low when she put it on the counter. I ordered the Vegas bomb. The shot was full but there was barely anything else in the cup but the shot in the middle. I was going to mention this to her but I was in the middle of a conversation so I turned back around to finish the conversation. When the conversation was nearing towards the end, I turned around to take the shot and the shot was gone. I asked her where my shot went, she then said that I drank it. I just started my birthday celebration so I wasn't drunk. Not even close, I would've remembered if I took the Vegas bomb. (Turns out she knocked it over on the counter and cleared it off, we were told after we left by another customer) Gina, continually told me that I drank it and it was the most absurd thing she ever heard in her 17 years of working that I didn't drink it. She attempted to turn my words around. However again, Im sober. I stuck to my story. She then said, that she is not going to take this type of treatment. (Keep in mind. I was not yelling. I was NOT the angry black woman. I tried to calmly explain to her that I would've known if I took the shot or not as I haven't much to drink.) She then went high and mighty saying she's the owner and she doesn't want to serve me and that I should never come back. I told her, okay that's fine. I don't ever plan on returning to this bar. Now this is the good part. My two friends asked to close their tabs. (Since we sat down she had to keep asking who they were for the tabs and kept forgetting that they had tabs. Every single drink.) One friend gets his credit card back fine. My other friend doesn't. She GAVE HIS CREDIT CARD TO THE WRONG PERSON. She has no remorse for the situation at all. She acted like it was no big deal that some stranger has my friend card because she gave it to them. I'm now waiting the police station for my friend to file a report on my BIRTHDAY because of her negligence. Don't waste your money or time here, go to Macs, morrisons, raging Cajun if you want drinks that actually have liquor in them and nice staff.

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    Most it's disrespectful place I have ever went too.i was so nice and polite but that didnt matter older blonde head was so mean.i wouldn't ask no one to go their unless you have no home training at all.totally no class expected better but expectations was not as read very discriminating.

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